Sunday, October 24, 2010

{to do} - Birthday Week

In an effort to have a little more accountability for the things I need to get done I will be posting a daily weekly to do list.

My birthday is this week and I thought about taking it easy, but no. If I want to get where I want to be I need to put some work in. 
  • purge craft supplies
  • clean/organize work space
  • organize business paper work
  • crochet baby blanket – order
  • crochet slouchie beanie – order
  • crochet blanket – gift
  • crochet baby bear hat – inventory
  • make holiday cards – inventory
  • make thank you card – aunt
  • create bill organizer for 2011
  • photograph cowls downtown
  • create blog schedule – features, etsy finds, daily posts
  • make light box
Those first two items are the ones that’ll get me I’m sure. I’ve been trying to purge my craft supplies for the last 3 months. I’ve been doing it little by little, but it’s no where near where I’d like it to be. One day.

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