Friday, November 19, 2010

clean and rearrange

the mess
the other side of the mess
This was my work space. Isn't it lovely? Opposite this side of the room is the door and my computer desk and business area and in between is my couch and TV stand. This is why I'd REALLY love to move into a two bedroom apartment so I could have an office. Where the white cubes are was actually another bookcase that I moved to next to my desk so I could have a better place for my printer and a small shipping center. I cleaned most of it up and rearranged everything, but I still haven't purged all of my supplies yet. I hope to do that soon...eventually.

cleaned up and rearranged
so nice and organized
I'm thinking of getting one (at least) or three more white cubbies to keep the organization going. The only thing I didn't get a photo of is the right side of the table where the other cubbies are.They are nice and organized as well. I'll do it later and update this post. I like green. Can you tell? If you have any other organizational ideas, I'd be happy to hear them.

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