Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIP it - labels and HST

I haven't done too much crafting this week. I did start cutting HST for another pillow case that I intended to send to Danny of Mommy for Reals for TRAC, (I dropped the other one in the mail on Friday) but after sewing them together and pressing the seams, I decided it was too hot to do any more work on that. I was sweating my balls off at the iron. Yuck. I really can't wait for the temps to drop here.

How do you do your HST? I've seen the tutorials where you draw a line down the middle and then sew along each side at a 1/4" and then cut them, but that seems like a lot of extra work. I've just been cutting my down the middle and then chain sewing them. Is there a right or wrong way to do them? Either way, I prefer my way.

I picked up some fabric from Crimson Tate and The French Seam, two local fabric shops, on Friday. Good stuff. I'm working on building my stash. I'm totally into the top fabric. It's from a Christmas line, but doesn't look Christmasy at all when away from the other prints. I need to figure out how to organize all the fabricky goodness.

Still no progress on Oh Lucy! or Randi's June Sew Along. I did figure out how I will be finishing off my bow ties though. It was late and I didn't get a picture of the one of finished before it went out the door to it's recipient. That just means I get to make another.

Block 5 for Beginner's Quilt Along is done. I like these fabrics together, I don't know why. All the neutrals maybe? I will need to buy more California Girl to add to my stash.

I worked on and image that I will have made into a stamp this week that I'd like to use for my labels for my quilts and for other projects as well. The line is so I can write in the date or other information. The glasses portion was created by my friend Allen over at The AIDG. He does great work. I'm not sure how people attach labels just yet, but I'm sure there are plenty of tutorials and videos out there that will show me. What do you think? Cute? Meh?

What else? I think that's about everything I've been up to this past week. Doesn't seem like much. I've got some thinking to do about a new sewing machine. Some saving up to. I like my machine, but it's a simple refurbished unit that I purchased off eBay almost 10 years ago. I'd like something a little fancier. I'm also on the hunt for a good recipe for Nutella Cheesecake for a going away get together for a friend. He's lucky he's leaving or I wouldn't go through the hassle and I'd use the recipe I'd want to use. The things we do for friends. lol

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Jerimi said...

Cute fabric choices! I'm a big fan of chain sewing when the blocks are little or fiddly. I think we do HST the same way. :)

Also, the tagline for your blog cracked me up! Love it.

gale said...

I have this sticker doohickey thing on my machine so I do the squares and sew, then cut, but I don't have to draw the line-I just line up the corner with the line on the sticker thing. I hate drawing the lines. I also make them a tad bigger and trim them down after. It's more work but in the long run, for me, it works out better. But to avoid all that, I try to work with squares and rectangles as much as possible.