Thursday, August 16, 2012

i made this - fat mouthed zipper pouch


After seeing the card holders I'd made my friend, Telissa, asked me if I could make her a zippered pouch that was large enough to carry a bunch lipgloss and still have enough space so she could root around inside to find the color she was looking for without having to pull any of them out. Her timing was just right. I'd just come across this tutorial for the fat mouthed zipper pouch and wanted to try it out.

It came together pretty quickly and turned out just as I expected. I could've lined up my seams a little better, but I wasn't really concerned about that. And I think it could use a thicker interfacing, but that has nothing to do with the tutorial because I just used what I had on hand. I liked this pouch enough that I almost didn't send it to Telissa. I really like this Lucy's Crab Shack fabric.

I wanted to give this tutorial another go with some quilting so I made a mini pouch to with some leftover Hello Kitty fabric that I had. I think the quilting turned out nicely. This was my first time quilting in this manner. The fabric is the same I used on a card holder for Telissa.

I put some extra HK goodies in the pouch and sent her the HK pouch too. I really enjoy putting together packages for people. She appreciated it.

I want to make myself one of these now even though I don't really know what I'd use it for. I've already got my fabric cut and ready to go. Just need to finish sewing up these card holders for Indie Gift Box first.


Martha said...

I really like you zipper pouches. What kink of thread did you use for the Hello Kitty bag. It looks really good.

Beth said...

Your pouches look awesome! The fabric combo in the first one looks fantastic!

Marit said...

Those are so cute! Great idea to add the quilting!