Monday, September 10, 2012

{to do} - do they make those


I didn't think my hours could get any less than what they were at work and then they did. Which means more time for crafting and actually getting things on my to do list done. It's funny when I look back at the previous week's to do list and my "pile" of what I did, things don't always match up. I choose to do other things instead. It's like I have in my head a this is what I'd rather do list. I did pretty well with last week's list though.
  • finish quilting and bind Lucy
  • cut charm squares for Low Volume Swap
  • cut charm squares from Simpatico for new quilt
  • crochet two cowls (at least)
  • start piecing granny squares (I laid them out, but I need to cut more, I'm waiting on more fabric)
I need more supplies, but in order to get more supplies, I need more money and to get more money I need either to sell some things or more hours at work. There's a weird evil cycle here. Life would be easier if I had a craft sugar daddy or something. Do they even make those? *shrugs*

Too many ideas and so little time and funds. And if you're not busy this week check out these blogs:

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Marit said...

My to-do lists almost never correspond with what I do do. I guess there is a difference between should-do and want-to-do... Hope you get more hours soon so you can keep on creating!