Sunday, July 26, 2015

making a comeback?

Hello, hello!

I decided yesterday that I want to get back into this blogging thing. It created some nice structure and accountability before and I could use some of that right now. I'm hoping to blog at least once a week, mostly to keep track of what I'm doing. I was selected to have a table at Yelp's Totally Bazaar this year again and I have a lot of prep to do.


I'm really enjoying knitting and I think that's due to eat.sleep.knit's Yarnathon. I've learned a lot of new stitches over the last 6 months and have knit things I didn't think I'd ever be able to knit. I have a long list of things I'd like to knit for friends and I'd like to design a couple of my own patterns too. I still crochet, but haven't done a lot of it lately.

my first pair of socks and not my last
In May I participated in Mad May and won a $150 gift card to WEBS. I spent days trying to decide what to buy with my gift card. I settled on quite a few skeins to make gifts for friends and a few skeins of yarn for myself. Included in that was a skein of natural yarn because I wanted to try my hand at Kool Aid dyeing. My first attempt came out beautifully I think. I can't bring myself to knit it up. I love the color transitions and that all I used was Kool Aid and my stove. My next creation will be something with greens.

orange, pink lemonade, and cherry. it still smells quite lovely

I FINALLY got around to sewing up some more zipper wallet/coin pouches and have a handful listed in the shop. (The next item purchased with be item number 100!!!) I need to get the rest sent out to the handmade shops. I don't know why I'm procrastinating. With school starting soon I think I will add some pencil pouches to the shop or for knitters and crocheters they could be for storing needles and hooks.

picking out zippers is always the hardest part
I've also added some cosmetic pouches/knitting project bags to the shop. I really like these triangle project bags for socks. Everything fits in them quite nicely. I plan to attempt box pouches next, but I haven't found a tutorial that I like just yet. I may just have to wing it and see what happens.

I love Hello Kitty, I wanted to keep her for myself, but she's got a new home now.
What I need to do now is set aside some time to do some quilting. I think I have enough batting to get two or three quilts completed. I've got the tops done, I just need to get them basted, quilted and bound. I've found one shelter that will take them for new moms that are on their own.


Nothing new there really other than work life. I left my job at the end of March and had enough from my bonus and taxes to take two months off. When I started job hunting, the first CraigsList ad I opened was the perfect fit (did I have retail experience and do sew/knit/crochet). I applied immediately and 30 minutes later set up an interview. It's a great job, just a couple of days a week. The pay is better than my old job. When it's slow I can knit or crochet and sell those items in the shop. It's nice to have another venue to sell my wares. I spend most of my off time at home. It's summer time, I should be out enjoying, but it's too hot.

Hopefully this is a good start to blogging again and that I'll be back next Sunday with something to share.

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