Sunday, September 27, 2015

plugging along

Published my first knitting pattern a little over a week ago! It's a free pattern for my turban headband. It's the same headband that I'll glad knit up for you for a price. It's also one of my new items for Yelp's Totally Bazaar.

September is almost over and I think I'm doing okay with my goals. Only one has been completed and only one has no work done it what-so-ever. I'm okay with that.


Not Quite a Blizzard
I'm not really a headband type person, but came up with this little ditty. I've knit up a bunch of them for YTB. I'm waiting to get my hands on some madelinetosh ASAP to make one for part of the ESK Chunky KAL. I like wearing it to the side. I think it makes it look a little more interesting and you can add a vintage button or pin to the center to switch things up.

Blizzard Conditions

A simple garter stitch hat that I also finished up. Basically a chunky rikke with a pom. I'll be selling this on etsy and YTB as well. I'm sure this will be one of my go to winter hats. I'll have a nice huge pile of things to wear to keep my noggin warm.

I've not really done any knitting on the rikke scarf. It's the last item I need to finish for the wedding present. Instead I've cast on a third pair of rose city rollers and another hat. Priorities.


I've been ignoring my sewing machine. The only things I've sewn were a couple of project bags that were custom ordered. Otherwise I've not wanted anything to do with the thing. No reason why, just rather do other things instead.

So that quilt I wanted to start and finish this month...probably not gonna happen.

Yelp's Bazaar

I've come up with a theme for all my new items...I don't know how it happened, but they're weather related. Not Quite a Blizzard (headbands), Blizzard Conditions (hats) and Blanket of Snow (blanket scarves). I'm not sure how I'll continue this trend. I have a couple more hat ideas and then my fingerless gloves.

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