Tuesday, November 9, 2010

{etsy finds} Spike, I Miss You.

I love these little guys from Tortoise Loves Donkey. I think they'd make great little table pieces at a wedding (fun little thing to take home) or liven up your work space at home or cubicle at the office. They don't require much attention, just a bit of water and a bit of sun. Unfortunately I do NOT have a green thumb and my little Spike probably survived no more than three weeks before he bit the dust. It was so sad when he died. His little beeker is still sitting on my desk. I don't have the heart to put anything else in it.


Megan Carroll said...

Sometimes even adding a little water to the 'dead' plant will revive it... I had one that held on for years always at that brink.

issaino said...

I will make note of that for next time. Since it was an air plant I may have over watered him and he drowned.