Thursday, April 26, 2012

awww tweet tweet and blog resuscitation

Hey! It's been awhile. I've been napping. It was a nice long nap, I'm pretty well rested. I'd say a lot has happened over the past year, but yeah not really. I completed my first two Pop-Up Shops that were a bit of a disappointment in sales and had my goods pulled from a two consignment shops (one shop actually closed and the other was seasonal). I learned a few things from it. And I also decided that I want to one day have my OWN consignment shop or something similar. 

I want to get a lot more accomplished this year than last. Which means I'll be making a list. Who doesn't love a list. They help to keep you accountable. I need that. Two of things I want to do more of are blogging and tweeting. I'd like to have a greater web presence. It's not going to be easy, but I'm down for the challenge.

Thankfully, the other day I found awesome list Social Media Today: 30 Things to Tweet About Your Brand. I think it will definitely help me to tweet more when I'm not sure what to say. 
  1. New announcements from your brand.
  2. Teaser previews of offerings you are working on.
  3. Related interesting news from the industry.
  4. Trivia related to your product: history, technology, anything!
  5. Ask for suggestions: people love to help someone out.
  6. Events you are holding: this informs as well as gets you attendees.
  7. Events you are participating in: this shows you are active.
  8. Witty one-liners: this can be jokes, daily wisdom, or just about anything else.
  9. Helping people find opportunities: Helping people solve problems is the best thing you can do to promote your brand.
  10. Popular events: tweet about the upcoming sports events, festivals, etc.
  11. Unexpected developments: Was Gmail down today? Tweet about it!
  12. Regular industry news: yup, this doesn’t hurt if mixed in.
  13. Sales announcements: Tweet about any sales announcements you might have.
  14. Job openings: Tell people about open positions, both with your brand and at other places you know.
  15. Ask for customer feedback: Invite people to share their experiences with your brand.
  16. Participate in the relevant hashtags, and get more visibility.
  17. Set up and announce tweet chats based on brand-related hashtags.
  18. Follow people and make acknowledgement via tweets.
  19. Thank people who have recently followed you.
  20. Post the latest updates from your blog along with the link.
  21. Direct people to other social media channels you own by tweeting about them.
  22. Search on your brand name and respond to tweets that are about you.
  23. Create Twitter lists of industry-relevant analysts, well-wishers or customers, and announce the lists publically.  This sends a positive message to the mentioned people.
  24. Participate in trending topics and viral hashtags to rope in some attention. Ensure your opinion are related to your brand somehow.
  25. Tweet-greet your followers daily. Saying small things like “good morning,” or asking about their health goes a long way in forging ties.
  26. Tweet and tag your best employee of the week. This keeps the staff motivated and gives them a platform.
  27. Announce weekly deal, tweetpon (coupon), etc., and evaluate its viral reach to understand how influential your brand is.
  28. For B2B brands, find out analysts on Twitter and build up conversations with them. Twitter is the best place for making your opinion heard.
  29. Give daily twitter tips on usage of your brand’s products/service or on the basis of the industry expertise. Tips sell well on Twitter.
  30. Make regular #FF Friday Follow recommendations or announce fan of the week with some incentives or freebies to the winners.


Dorothy Explor'r said...

oooh, i loved this. might have to start incorporating some features :)

btw, i hope we can connect! looking forward to learning more from your blog, issa!


issaino said...

Awesome sauce. I'm getting back into the blogging groove in hopes that it'll help me create an interwebs presence. If someone else can learn from me, I can dig it.

Let's connect. :)