Saturday, May 26, 2012

i made this! - a pillow case

After years of not touching the sewing machine I own, that I bought when I wanted to try my hand at sewing, I touched it again. (that sounds a little dirty)

I don't even remember why I decided to take up sewing again a couple of weeks ago. I just know I got the bug and started looking at fabric and then started looking at blogs and then watched a few hours of YouTube tutorials and now I'm a little obsessed. (I'll post the YouTube and blog tutorial I followed below)

So this is the first thing I've made after watching all those tutorials and looking at all those blogs. It's called a sausage or tube pillow case and I even tried French seams. It turned out pretty nice I think, especially for a first try. I believe it is called a sausage/tube pillow case because of how it is put together. You line up all your raw edges, roll up the case and sew it all up like a sausage and then you flip it right side out. All your edges end up encased.

Here is the YouTube tutorial I watched: Easy Tube Pillow Case Tutorial by Missouri Quilt Co. And here is a blog tutorial using the same method and then doing French seams: Pillow cases w/ French Seams by Notes from Patches (scroll about half way down to see the French seams portion). The only difference with mine is that I cut my accent band fabric 1.5" wide, because I didn't want that much of an accent band. The fabric I used is VeloCity by Jessica Hogarth (for both the cuff and the main fabric, the white is Kona I believe). I bought it at one of my local fabric shops: Crimson Tate (cute little shop, I love it and I like to support local businesses when I can).


megan said...

love the fabric and I am huge fan of french seams, they finish things off so nicely.

issaino said...

They really do. I will try not to go too crazy with them. I have to get more fabric from this line. There are some other great prints.

Stephanie Granite said...

It looks great and I love the fabric choices!

emedoodle said...

This is so cute! :) And they're addictive too! :)