Wednesday, May 16, 2012

pardon the mess

If you don't follow this blog through a reader I apologize for the constant change in background and colors. I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing here and I can't decide. There are a lot of blogs who's designs I love and might eventually break down and hire someone to design my blog. But for now I'm just gonna keep on playing with it and see what I can learn as I go.

Father's Day is about a month away. I would like to sell just as many Father's Day cards as I did Mother's Day cards. I need to change gears and start thinking about different colors and manly embellishments. I don't think the Dads dig flowers and hearts the same way Moms do.

I came home to a consignment check today from fabricate in Cincinnati. That's my kind of mail. I also received notice of a consignment payment from homespun. *does a two step through this blog post*

Anywho, I need to eat. Fancy grilled cheese. This time hopefully I don't burn my fingers on my Foreman grill. I'ma smart one I am.

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