Monday, May 14, 2012

{to do} - Changing Gears

I did it!!! And then some. I sold 63 Mother's Day cards. I had 10 returning customers and 19 new customers. 19!!! I love it. I've been told that the mothers have loved the cards they received. Happy mothers = happy customers. I also had one of my new customers approach me about making party invitations. I sent her a quote and she accepted, now I'm just waiting on a deposit so I can get started. I'm a lot less worried about all my bills getting paid this month since I sold so many cards. Now all I need to do is keep up this momentum.
  • make 5 - 10 more Mother's Day cards
  • work on newborn minnie mouse outfit for aunt
  • write blog post comparing storenvy and etsy
  • START organizing my work space
  • work on new background for blog
  • organize sewing goods/search for patterns
I sold through all the cards I have and want to have a small stash for next year ready. I'll probably make more as I go as well. Then it'll be on to Father's Day cards. After that it's time to change gears into some crochet work. I've got some of the minnie mouse outfit done, but there's still more to go. I also need to work on stuff for consignment as well.

I've decided that each week I'll be focusing on different crafts when I'm working so I'm not doing too many things at once. I think this will be helpful since I've decided to take up a few more crafts. I'm hoping it'll help keep me more organized and focused as well. If I have a particular project I need to complete, that project will take priority, but then it's back to the craft of the week.

Lastly before I go, I bought and purchased hosting for a year. I got a great deal through siteground. You can get a year of hosting for $9.95. I'll slowly be working on a website even though I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it just yet. Small steps.

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