Monday, May 7, 2012

{to do} - lost productivity

I lost about three days of productivity. I don't know what happened. I just didn't want to do anything. Meh. It happens. Just have to keep it moving. I accomplished all of two things on last weeks list. Woo! I still don't like the blog background. It's too busy, but I'm learning some things, so it'll probably change a few more times until I get it how I like it. I could totally just hire someone to create a blog design for me, but that would be too easy.
  • make 10 - 15 more Mother's Day cards (I'm just about out of envelopes and don't have the extra funds to order more right now
  • work on newborn minnie mouse outfit for aunt
  • write blog post comparing storenvy and etsy
  • START organizing my work space
  • photograph LEGO project
The count for Mother's Day cards sold is up to 38, just 12 more to meet my goal. Totally doable. I still have a few more orders to fill and I tend to get a lot of last minute buyers. Sorry for such a short post. Check out my review about tophatter if you get the chance. I'm gonna leave you with another Mother's Day card I made.

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