Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{to do} - i did it!!!


This post is a bit late. I spent all day traveling back from Milwaukee. The work trip was great. We worked hard and got out every night fairly early, which meant we got extra time to hang out and rest. The Job put us up in the Hilton. I miss the king size bed and Cartoon Network already. I got a little bit of crafty work done while I was away, but the break from home and ideas flooding my brain on the daily was nice.

I'm proud to say that I completed my entire to do list from last week. Yay!!! How do you like my new header? I'm kind of in love with it. It's super simple and super awesome sauce. I don't go back to work until Thursday, so I plan to get a lot of crafting done. Plan to. I've spent most of the evening trying to catch up.
  • finish crocheting hooded cowl for Joci
  • finish piecing LCS quilt top
  • start chevron cross stitch
  • start on pillowcases for Mommy for Reals/TRAC
  • create side bar headers
I need to order some more fabric for some other projects I want to take part in too. Good thing pay day was on Friday. I need to watch my spending though and try not to go over board. It happens sometimes. I might not go back to work until Thursday, but the next couple of days are gonna be busy, busy. I like it like that though.

What are you working on this week?


gale said...

Love the banner! What is that font? I really want to change up my site. Maybe make it look a bit more grown up. lol

chickenboo said...

Thanks. The tag line is Jenna Sue, the title comes up as FFF Tusj on PS. I picked up both on dafont.com.