Monday, June 11, 2012

{to do} - another busy week


This past week I had a full week of work and by the time the clock hit six on Friday I was ready to be gone and gone I was. Coming home was strange though. Thursday my neighbor, two doors down the hall, was murdered in his apartment. The police didn't say much and I didn't really ask. I try not to be the nosy neighbor and for the most part I don't even talk to my neighbors. The neighborhood I live in isn't horribly bad, but it's not the greatest either. I REALLY want to move, but it's not like something like this can't happen other places too.

I didn't get much work done with the week being busy again, but I was able to cross a few things off last week's list. I feel like I kinda do a piss poor job at getting things on these lists done. I try to make an effort to get EVERYTHING done, but I've yet to do that. At least I try though right? I get distracted by other things and end up doing other stuff instead.

I've pretty much given up on making any Father's Day cards. I got some piecings done and they'd be super easy to add to a card, but I'm really just not into it. I love my dad, so it's not like I'm anti-Father's Day as some people are. I'm just not really interested at the moment. (I've got quilting on the brain and that's all I really wanna do. Ha!) So for now I'm going to give up on any kind of card making. If someone requests a card though, I will not deny them.
  • starting sewing strips together for LCS quilt
  • rework hooded cowl for Joci
  • finish up potholders
  • create to do graphic
  • create blog header
I'll be out of town for work at the end of the week, but I do plan to take some crocheting on the road with me since that's the easiest travel work I can do. I hope to get a lot of crocheting done. Maybe a new item or two and reworking a hooded cowl that I've owed someone for oh...about six month now. We shall see. Next weeks to do list post may be later in the day or on Tuesday as I don't have a laptop to post from and posting from my phone isn't the easiest.

And with that I leave you with a picture of my new ironing board. The one item that I DID finish on last week's list.

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gale said...

You know I love that ironing board! Very cute and it'll be so handy. You need to iron it tho...

Melissa said...

Thanks. Yes, it's been very hand. It's nice and light weight. I have leaned up against my table and just pick it up when I need to press something.