Monday, July 16, 2012

{to do} - we're back


Okay, we're back and in a much better mood this week. I don't really know what my problem was last week. Probably all the heat making me cranky. The weather has cooled down a bit and I've got to get busy on some things. The Sew Loco fashion show is coming up the beginning of August and I hate to say it, but I don't really have anything done yet. I'm a major procrastinator. I've been busying doing things, just not the things I need to do. At least I've been busy though right?

  • start to crochet hats and cowls for Sew Loco (make a list)
  • create a header for WIP it posts
  • start piecing together Oh Lucy!
  • start organizing the craft space
  • work on chevron cross stitch
Seems funny to be making winter hats and cowls for a fashion show in August, but we are moving into fall. The apartment is hot, so I might have to load up my iPod and bring my work to the library or mall or something and soak up all the air conditioning. That sounds like such a good idea right now.

My craft space is starting to look ridiculous. I've been trying to work on it little by little. I've got yarn, cardstock, fabric and other things everywhere. I really do need a bigger apartment OR a studio space to keep everything at. My vote is bigger apartment or a house (I found a cute bungalow I'd love to live in).

Anywho, what're you guys up to this week?

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