Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WIP it - crochet and kids

I've been a busy little honey bee (did you know that Melissa is greek for honey bee). Of course I've been working on the wrong things. Well, not the wrong things, but I have hats and cowls to be crocheting for Sew Loco and should be working on those right now, not sewing quilts and things. My priorities might be a little messed up and I might kinda like working under pressure. What do you think?

Here is block 6 of the Beginner's Quilt Along. Looking at this now, I think I should've switched the center square fabric for the fabric used on the other four squares. Too late for that now.

Oh Lucy is no longer an obvious zig zag quilt. I played with the numbers in my head over and over and this just seems like a better fix. There is still a bit of a zig zag, but it's just not as obvious as it was before. It'll be 10 squares across and 12 squares down. I've also added some other squares made from the extra bits from when I cut my squares from the jelly roll strips. Any extra squares will be added to the back of the quilt I think. Or maybe I'll make a pillow. I don't know yet. This one is definitely a go with the flow piece. What a great way to work on my first quilt. Ha! I'll eventually start sewing it together.

I don't remember who's blog I read it on, but there was a link to Quilts for Kids and I thought why not. This is the fabric that they sent me to make a quilt from. I plan to make another quilt to send along with fabric from my stash. You can request a kit from here if you like.

I finally started cutting my tumblers for the Randi of Fresh Squeezed Fabric's Sew Along. All her posts for the sew along have been posted. I'm behind. I still need to pick up a couple more fabrics so I can have a nice variety. I like to work at my own pace. ;)

I figured out what fabrics and pattern I want to use for the quilt I plan to make for my friend Jessica who is having her first baby sometime in the next I don't know how many months. I'm going to do The Great Granny Square Quilt Along. The fabric I'm basing the color scheme from is Josephine Kimberling's Hope Chest - Flower Bed in Blue. I'll be using light navy, light teal, light pink, yellow and white. Now all I need to do is acquire the funds to purchase said fabric.

My HST are all nicely trimmed. I played around and put four together and they are just about the size of the blocks for the Quilts for Kids squares. I may go ahead and use them for the extra quilt I plan to make since I have plenty of extra fabric.

I FINALLY started working on some hats for the Sew Loco fashion show that I'll be vending at on August 4th. I like to procrastinate. I should've started working on these a LONG time ago. That means I might not be getting much sewing done for the next couple of weeks because these need to take priority. It seems a bit weird to me to be crocheting when it's 100 degrees out, but it's a fall fashion show, so it works. Check out my etsy to see some of the pieces I've got available right now. So fun.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Kelly said...

Lots of great WIpping going on here :)

Cille said...

I much prefer your new layout of the zig-zag quilt. It looks gerat. But wow - that tumbler quilt looks like a lot of difficult cutting :)

Leslie said...

wow...you have a lot of flames burning all at once....the fabric that was sent to you is pretty. fun. that is a cool cause. i love the fabric you chose for your tumblers

Heidi Grohs said...

Great stuff...I always feel better when I see someone managing too many projects all at the same time!

I like the way your non-zig zag is going ;)!

Taryn said...

I think working under pressure is the only way to work. I can't get anything done unless the deadline is the next day LOL. Your zig zag quilt is looking great! I can't wait to see how all these projects end up! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!