Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WIP it - no clue what's going on


I don't know man...I had all those days off and I can't even figure out what I did with all that time. I feel like I should have gotten a lot more done than I did. I almost feel like I didn't do anything at all, but the rest of this post would say otherwise. 


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I finished another cowl to list in my etsy shop. I got a lot of good feed back about it. That makes me feel good. It's still too warm for them though, so I don't see any of them selling just yet. Maybe by the end of September. I'm planning on having quite a few on hand. I need to start working on my holiday make list.

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Scrap Vomit Appreciation squares are done being cut and sent off to their recipients. I don't think any of the fabric I cut was particularly ugly.

in progress:

Yay!!! I finally started cutting my squares for my granny square quilt that's supposed to be a baby blanket for a friend. It's mostly Seaside,  little Vintage Modern and I finally cut into that Simpatico I won from Luvin the Mommyhood. I think I need to add a few more fabrics. All my blocks will be trimmed in white. No clue on the backing or binding yet.

I do remember piecing all of this together. I'm a little sad I ran out of the white polka dot. I think I may end up taking the scrappy rows. I don't know yet, but they just don't fit to me. I don't understand why my seams still didn't line up even AFTER I pinned all the darn things. Drives me nutty.

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I FINALLY started quilting Lucy. I started trying to echo the zig zag in it and decided I'm not skilled enough for that and just did crosshatch. I've only done a few lines. I had to stop because I'm unsure of something. If I have a border all the way around and I'm only quilting straight lines through the middle pattern, do I just quilt my straight line, clip my threads at the end and start back at the top again or do I need to some how turn the quilt and go back in another direction? Also, I don't know what kind of batting I have because it's from a long time ago, but feels very thin. I kinda don't like it. :( Maybe I should wait to quilt and get new batting?

no progress:

  • sewing machine cover
  • Q4K (Sharky)
  • bow ties
  • BQA

I had a pretty good sales week via my etsy shop. I listed a few of the extra card holders I'd made and they sold within the hour. My aunt saw the last one that was in my shop and requested them as teachers gifts (she also requested some greeting cards). This led me to make a trip to my LQS for some interfacing...and they'd just gotten in Lotta J's Bella. I know I'm supposed to be on a fabric freeze, but I broke down and bought a quarter yard of two different fabrics. It's sooooo beautiful. I need more. I need this fabric freeze to end and SOON! Come on etsy! Let's sell some stuff.

I'll probably start doing a lot more crocheting now that the holidays are upon us. I've gotta get the yarn fuzzies ready to keep folks cozy and warm. I suspect my posts will be a lot less sewing related. I'm going to try to keep a nice balance though. Can you dig it?

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Nat at Made in Home said...

A lot was done! More crochet is fine with me!

Janice said...

I LOVE the space invaders block! What are you making with it. I really like the scrappy rows.

deborah said...

Cool block! I'm with you on the scrappy rows... as cute as they are, they take the focus away from the space invader (imho).

LOVE the cowl. Bring on the crochet!

Taryn said...

I cannot wait to see the granny square quilt! I love the pattern and it is going to look great with those colors.

I absolutely love your space invader block! Your seams look great to me, but I know what you mean! It is so frustrating to spend that time pinning and it not end up the way you like. In my case I I was shifting everything slightly when I took out the pins, so I started pinning both the seam and the fabric right after the seam (tip from sewmamasew).