Monday, August 27, 2012

{to do} - i don't wanna go back to work


After four days off in a row last week I did NOT want to go back to work on Saturday. I just want to stay home and craft and blog and take pictures and take care of home type tasks. I like my coworkers, they're fun, but I'm not that happy at work anymore. Too much pressure to force products down customers throats. Meh, not really my thing. I'm a casual sales person. You need help, I help you. You just wanna look, that's cool. Most of last week's list is done. Woot!
  • quilt sharky (Q4K)
  • start making pages for 30 days of lists
  • work on a few hair bows
  • work on some crochet goodies
  • explore cross stitch with cardstock and book pages.
I need to start thinking about the holidays and my etsy shop. I've already contacted homespun to see what my inventory looks like there and what I should start prepping for the holidays. I also submitted the cowl to see if they'd like to add it to their inventory. Wish me luck. If there's another holiday pop up shop I'm not sure if I want to submit an application this year. I made SOME money last year, but not what I was expecting. We shall see. I definitely want to submit to the December Indie Gift Box. I don't receive any compensation for it, but I think it's a good way to get my stuff out there. Right around Christmas is a good time for that I think.

I noticed that I've got some money squirreled away from online surveys and that I can cash them out into an Amazon credit or a check. I decided that I'd start saving the credits up for my sewing machine, so I'm adding them to my sewing machine fund. It's nice to see the little meter move a little bit. I'm thinking a portion of each etsy sale is going to go towards a new sewing machine as well. I'm not sure if it'll be a percentage or a dollar amount though. It'd be awesome sauce if my goal was reached by the end of October. I gotta make that happen.

Leaving you with a card I made, just for fun. Break ups can be messy, why not have some fun with it?

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