Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Yay!!! So we got A LOT of snow here today. A LOT. Enough that as I was on my way to work my supervisor called me and said I didn't have to come in because the mall was CLOSED! The mall NEVER the weather has to be super bad for the mall to close. I thank the Universe for an extra day off. I think all the retail workers needed it. Here are some pictures from my instagram (@chickenb00).

This was at 830, I'd only been outside about 10 minutes. The hat and scarf keeping me warm were made by me of course. Thankfully, even though the weather was ugly, the buses were pretty much on time. Normally the weather puts them upwards of an hour behind. I didn't even feel that cold. But then again I had on tights under my pants and an extra sweater on.

Shortly after I got home the mail carrier knocked on my door with this awesome package from my cousin. Filipino baked goods from Goldilocks Bakery. Yum!!! I haven't had these kinds of goodies in 6 years. I'm rationing it. I've only had one ensaymada and one polvron so far. One of my blogger buddies has volunteered to send me another package too though, so I won't have to go so long without this delicacies.

Why is it when the weather is crap that is all that is on the TV? Why can't they just come in and say hey, the weather is crap and the roads are bad, stay home and then go back to regular programming? I got tired of the news coverage and decided to go outside for a little bit and play. Let me tell's no fun playing out in the snow by yourself. The trees don't throw snowballs back. I was hesitant to make a snow angel. I don't know why. Then I finally just went for it. If I'd had some better layers I'd have laid there a little longer, but my butt was getting cold.

I planned to spend the rest of the day crafting, but instead took a couple of naps and then made some homemade pizza. Yum! It'll be back to work tomorrow. But thankfully only for two days and then I'm off to Chicago for the weekend. Yay! I can't wait.

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Martha said...

Brrr! It looks like it was super cold. Good decision about taking a couple of naps :)