Monday, February 25, 2013

{to do} - spring cleaning

The weather is so confusing here. One day it's beautiful and warm and the next I'm cursing the ice covered sidewalks while trying not to slip and fall on the way to work. I think I'm officially ready for spring.
  • start plus tessellation pillow (maybe finish too)
  • post on WIP Wednesday
  • send off product to my consignors
  • practice more knitting
  • continue purging crafting supplies
I'm headed to California in April for vacation and while I've got my budget set I now want an iPad mini for the trip. I'm working on purging all my unused craft supplies so that I've got some extra money so swing one. I'd be able to use it for business purposes too of course. If you're a stamper or scrapbooker, check out my eBay for some of my auctions.

Also, if anyone knows of any fabric or craft shops in Cali that I should check out, please let me know. I'll be in the LA/OC area. I'm making a California passport of things to do and places to eat at. I want to max out on fun and food. The beach and Disneyland are on the top of my list.

pillow planning

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