Friday, February 1, 2013

WTCraft - week 5

A whole month down and eleven months to go. So far so good. I sometimes wait until the very last minute to get crafty or at least document getting crafty. It's the procrastinator in me. I had fun working on this pillow this week. My cousin said it looks like a 1940's German symbol, his words. Um...okay. I don't see it. Normally when someone says they see something, I can usually see it to, but I don't. I see a plus sign and even if you moved the pieces around...I still don't see it. *shrugs*
top to bottom from left to right: first four blocks of my pillow, basting, quilting, quick card, another quick card, more quilting and more cards
Still running this sale. The weather has been so up and down here, 60 degrees one night and then 25 degrees the next. I don't like it. Stay one way or the other please. All hats, cowls and fingerless gloves are 25% off with the code FUZZY. This includes custom items. Please, please, please go take a look and pass it on! I'm working on rent and a moving fund with this weeks incident. I could use all the help I can get.

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