Monday, March 4, 2013

{to do} - I'm ready for vacation

April can't get here fast enough. I'm super ready to be in California enjoying the sun, hanging out at Disneyland and spending time with new friends and old. I'm also frustrated with my router. I keep getting a bad IP address when it's plugged in and can't connect to the internet. I only use the WiFi for my phone right now, but it makes doing some things easier. (catching up on all my blogs, playing games)
  • finish Quilts for Kids top
  • crochet more hats to send to consignors
  • start piecing together my granny square quilt
  • practice more knitting
  • continue purging crafting supplies
I wish I could find one single buyer for all my unwanted craft supplies or that it were easier to photograph and listing everything. It's times consuming, but it's nice to get it all out of my apartment and nice that someone else will get use out of these things. I may have been on my way to hoarding all sorts of things, but not so much anymore.

sometimes you have to just lay on the floor and color

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