Friday, May 16, 2014

busy little bee

Over the last week and a half I've completed about 5 sewing projects and I have a couple more in the works. I can't get enough of my sewing machine. It bums me out some days when I have to go to work or go do other things. Here are a couple of photos taken with my SmartPhone.

  • Pattern: Random HST 
  • Fabric: Sweet as Honey and Bella Solids
  • Quilting: 2 inch grid
  • Size: 41 x 41 after washing
This is the fourth quilt that I've completed. I'm so in love with Sweet as Honey. I've got to get my hands on more of it before it's gone. It was hard color matching these solids, but I got through it. I had a third color picked out, but it didn't match at all when it arrived in the mail. That's okay though, because I think this quilt turned out just fine without it. I originally picked out the bee hive print for the binding, but then after I received some other fabric I ordered for the dress below, I switched them out. I think both projects look much better with my second choices.

My first Staple Dress. As you can see, I REALLY love Sweet as Honey. This dress was super easy to put together and I've already ordered fabric to make another one. For the pockets and neck and arm facings I used the bee hive fabric as a nice contrast. I love it. The weather is pretty cold here right now, but when it warms up I can't wait to wear it. I wouldn't mind 4 - 5 of these dresses to rotate through the summer. A black one, another solid, chambray and maybe two more prints. I thought about bringing the neck line down a little more into a scoop. We shall see. This is my first time making a dress, not sure I should go messing around with patterns just yet.

Art Gallery Fabrics are at the top of my list. Wanting to make something a little more simple, I worked on these two pillow cases. I bought some pillows a few weeks ago, but had been procrastinating on getting the pillow cases made. Indian Summer is neck and neck for my love with Sweet as Honey. So freakin' cute. I just need to buy some white sheets so the pillow cases match my bed and now I want to make a whole quilt. AGF are so soft. I like to lay in bed and rub the edge of the pillows in my fingers while I watch YouTube videos. I also grab for the inner seam and pinch it. It's comforting for some reason

The last two projects I completed I don't have pictures for as of right now. The first was  black maxi skirt with pockets. I love that it's so easy to add pockets to dresses/skirts. Working with knits isn't as nice as quilting cotton. I got pin straight into the cuticle. Ouch! The second was a fifth quilt with a modern aztec pattern. I found some fun fabric that said, I love to read, on the back and thought it'd be perfect for a friend. Super cute. I ran out of fabric and had to make the quilt work and it did. I hope my friend likes it.

I'm currently working on  couple more quilts for #100Quilts100Kids. I hope to have the tops finished this weekend. I'm waiting on the backing and binding to come in the mail and then I'll finish them up and add them to the pile. I'm also working on a new quilt holding bar. I stained the wood a nice dark brown today. I love it. Not sure if I'll seal it. I kind of like it just the way it is.

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Dainté said...

this looks great ! I wish I knew how to sew like you :/