Sunday, August 23, 2015

peddle to the metal

I updated the shop this weekend and will do another update during the week!  Weeeeeee!!! I'm also currently offering free shipping with the code FREESHIP for my US customers and for the non US customers I'm offering half off shipping (you'll receive a partial discount after you order). Some kind soul hacked my PayPal debit card and the funds are frozen until it's all sorted. I need to buy some new shirts, mine current upper body covers are showing wear and tear in the form of holes. shipping when you use Direct Payment so I can buy new shirts while everyone has them on sale.


I finished the Rikke hat I working on last week and turned my Dunaway scarf into a Rikke scarf. I didn't really care for the ribbing or the slipped stitches, so I eliminated them from the pattern and have renamed the pattern the Rikke scarf...because I'm making it to go with the Rikke hat. And that makes sense to me.

I also started working on my Molly Walker shawl. I don't care for the m1R increases because I have a hard time knitting the increase and splitting the yarn. The Molly Walker has these increases. Instead of modifying the pattern to a different, easier increase, I've decided to stick them out and power through. The fabric being created is beautiful. I'm so happy I chose the Gal Noir as the colorway for it. I think my friend will really like it.


I intended to make myself a drawstring bag, but made it too short so now I have a nice bowl with a zipper pocket on the inside. Fine by me. A lot of new project bags in the shop that I finished up this weekend. I was a sewing machine Friday and Saturday. I have fabric cut for a few more and will be listing those this week.

Anything made with the Hello Kitty fabric I purchased was snatched up immediately. Yay!!! Everybody loves Hello Kitty. I've got a ton of scraps left from fussy cutting the fabric and I can't bring myself to throw them out so I'm going to make myself a Franken Kitty something or other with them. Probably a pouch for my knitting things.

Yelp's Totally Bazaar

I'm still trying to finalize the headband pattern. I just can't decide. I keep starting one and then don't like how it's turning out so I frog and start over. I may need to give up on it.

I did figure out a pattern for my apron though, happy to mark that off my list. I just need to purchase the fabric and get it sewn up.

Next up to work on are hats. A simple knit beanie with a pom pom on the top. And to choose colors and start saving up for yarn. It's stock pile time.

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