Sunday, August 16, 2015

you get a rikke and you get a rikke and you get a rikke too

Two week streak and then I forget to post. Oops! Meh, it happens. I remembered Monday that I hadn't posted anything and I was going to post on Monday and then I forgot again. But I'm back today, that's something...right?


In the past two weeks I finished knitting one project. I've done a lot more sewing than knitting lately. I finished a Rikke hat for my friend's fiance. I wanted them to have matching hats (in style of hat, but not color. I'm not a fan of being super matchy matchy. Blech!). This is the third Rikke I've knit. It's a great pattern. Super easy and the hat turns out squishy, stretchy and comfortable.

wooden tag from All This Wood on etsy

I've also started several new projects, another Rikke hat (I love this pattern, what can I say), a modified Dunaway scarf, and a Molly Walker shawl. These three items are part of a wedding present that is over a year late. I'm still looking for a headband to knit to go with the shawl.

Because I want to get these late gifts finished I haven't working on my Hermione's Every Day socks or the Rose City Rollers socks I started a while back. I do want to get my HED socks done soon though so I can submit them for Yarnathon credit. I still have a couple of other KAL I want to start on. I'm not sure how I'm going to juggle knitting for Yelp's Bazaar and the Yarnathon. I'll make it work.


I've been finding all kinds of fabric that I must have in my stash for no other reason than to just have it. Not really good for my want to have less stuff in my life.

I've ended up sewing up a lot of project/cosmetic bags for Yarnathon participants with what I've picked up. My favorite so far has been this Hello Kitty x mathematics fabric. My LQS only had this fabric in the pink colorway, but I found it in blue on etsy. I'll be making myself one more project bag and then I think I'm set...until I find more fabric that I have to have and share.

I have a bunch of small coin pouches that I either need to list on etsy or send out for consignment. I have no idea what's holding me back. It's an easy task to mark off my list, but I can't get myself to do it. 

Yelp's Totally Bazaar 

I'm hoping to finalize at least one of the new items on my list this week. December will be here soon so I really need to get things done. I'm still looking for an apron pattern, a banner, tags and a bunch of other small things. Then it's on too sewing, knitting, crocheting until I've got a good stock pile for the bazaar and the winter.

I also want to rework a pattern for items to sell at work. I think it'd be a cute knit for the winter. Maybe this year will be the year I work on priorities. Maybe.

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