Friday, June 8, 2012

M-I-C...wait, that's not right...M-O-U-S-E

I'm pretty sure I said I'd post this last week and then never got to it, but here it is now. A few months ago, my aunt sent me a picture of a baby girl in a crocheted Minnie Mouse outfit and asked if I could make something similar. It wasn't something I'd normally do, but a) my aunt asked me and b) it looked easy enough, so I said sure. I changed it up a bit from the picture (which I would post if I had a source for it, but I don't so I'm not). I added a ruffle to the skirt and changed the color of the shoes (I really wanted to make yellow shoes, but didn't have the right color yarn). I had to make it mine so I didn't feel like I was copying the picture completely.

Making the diaper cover gave me an idea about and add on item to something I already make and now I'm working on a cute little set of my own. The only trouble I had with this was deciding on how big to make the waist of the skirt. I don't have any kids, so I have little experience in sizing things babies and kids. I ended restarting the skirt a couple of times before I finally got it to a size I liked.

My aunt made sure to let me know that the recipient and everyone else loved the outfit. Yay! A couple of other people let me know it was pretty cute too. I don't know; I might have to make this something I add to the shop later. Which I really need to update over the next couple of weeks. Something to add to my to do list.

What have you guys been working or not working on?


gale said...

So cute! I think it would be a huge hit in your shop.

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Beth said...

That is adorable!