Saturday, June 9, 2012


It's here, Lucy's Crab Shack by Sweetwater for Moda. So pretty and soft, I just want to wrap myself in all the yardage. And I think I've finally decided on the pattern for the quilt this will make. I flip flopped for a couple of days on it. I decided to do a zig zag pattern with a pieced backing. This will be my first quilt that I'll be doing on my own and the first quilt I've ever made. I plan to take pictures of the progress along the way. I'm not making any promises though.

Here is some more fabric I picked up this week. This is from the sale the Fat Quarter Shop just had. I'd planned to use it for the Quilt Along I joined (check the sidebar) because I thought it'd go with the other fabrics I've picked out from some other lines and now that I've got the fabric in person, the only fabric that really matches is the red. That's fine.  I'm sure I'll figure out what to do with the rest of it. This will probably be the beginning of my stash habit. I really like the orange polka dots. I kinda wanna add it to my Lucy's Crab Shack quilt. 

I'll be ordering more fabric next week when I get paid so I can start working on my Quilt Along quilt. Or actually the week after when I get back from my work trip to Milwaukee.

Also, I'm trying out these larger pictures. What do you think, do you like the x-large photos or the large? I'm on the fence. Maybe I can figure out something in the middle.


gale said...

I am with you on the flip flopping. I agonize for days about how I should use this fabric or that. What if I mess it up? What if I choose the 'wrong' pattern and regret it? What if I use it and need it later? It's not that big of a deal but somehow I make it a big deal. I like the picture sizes the way they are on this post.

Melissa said...

lol Yeah. I just kept thinking, what if I don't like it. But I think with this fabric, I'll like anything I make. Now I'm on a mission to get my hands on some California Girl (and I found it on sale) and some Vintage Modern. I think I like the bigger sized pictures too.