Monday, June 25, 2012

{to do} - *fans self*


The fact that it's hot as balls in my apartment right now really is no excuse for not getting much work done from last week's to do list. But guess what, I'm gonna use it as an excuse anyway. All I really want to do right now is sit inside a plastic kiddie pool under an umbrella and drink ice tea until I pee. Gah! And there appears to be no relief in sight with the temperature. I have no desire to touch yarn. It just makes me feel even more hot.
  • finish crocheting hooded cowl for Joci
  • piece together pillow case for Mommy for Reals/TRAC
  • organize fabric/clean out sewing box
  • list an item on tophatter
  • work on piecing together LCS quilt top and decide on a name for it
I'm in the middle of another 9 day stretch at work and my apartment is kind of a mess. I really need to move into a bigger apartment so I have a work space for all the crafting I do. I don't know how that ties into my to do list, but it does. No excuses though. I need to make this another week of accomplishing every task on this list. I only need to finish one item on it. That's not hard at all. I'm making everything on this a list a priority this week. No excuses next Monday if something doesn't get done (though everything is going to get done).

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