Monday, August 20, 2012

{to do} - i don't know where the time goes


I had four days off last week and I have no idea what I did with all that time. I did get some things done, but I don't FEEL like I got a lot done. I suppose I did. According to last week's list I got the majority of it done. I got a little frustrated with my sewing machine on Saturday and punched it. Violence is not the answer. lol It didn't help either. I want a new sewing machine. I'm starting to save.
  • photograph and list crochet goodies on etsy
  • work on hair bow design
  • cut and piece together space invader pillow
  • quilt Lucy
  • baste and start quilting QFK
I have four days off this week as well. I REALLY need to work on getting some things list on etsy and maybe tophatter. I need to make up some extra income from all the time I have off. This is the part of life that stresses me out a bit. In then end I always have what I need though. The Universe always comes through for me. I'll be playing the lottery this week. I've made a deal with the Universe. I play the lottery and the Universe makes sure that I win a little something.

Here's the sewing machine I was looking at getting. It seems to have everything I want/need for where I'm at with sewing and quilting and a bunch of stuff I don't really need, but I'm sure will find a use for. I like that it has all the extra feet and the extended table and it's affordable. The reviews seem to be pretty good for it too. Anyone have any suggestions on sewing machines? What kind of machine do you have?

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