Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIP it - little progress


This will be a quick post. The only thing I worked on last week were crochet goodies for Sew Loco and a few card holders. Nothing else got done. But I'm off the next three days, so I expect to get quite a bit done.

Since I have no commitments I plan to make a lot of progress on Lucy, finish up the Quilt for Kids, buy a walking foot and maybe even a free motion foot, cut my 2.5 inch squares for the Scrap Vomit Swap, start on my Great Granny Along quilt and make a couple of pouches for some friends. I think the next three days will be quite productive and then NEXT week I'll have a nice full post for y'alls.

On another note. It's 3AM while I write this. I fell asleep at 8PM and randomly woke up at 2AM. I sat down at my computer to check something out (in the dark) and then out of the corner of my eye saw something flying around...and thought I was seeing something so I turned on the light.

It was a BAT!!!

How it got into my apartment I have no idea. He finally settled on my fan in my bedroom and I lightly knocked him onto the floor where I trapped him under a box. I put a book on top of the box just in case. I sat there for awhile expecting him to turn into a vampire. I was sadly disappointed when he didn't. I dragged the box slowly across the floor to the door and let him into the hallway. I hope I didn't hurt him too much, but it's his fault for coming in uninvited. I really wanted to get a picture of him.

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Teje Karjalainen said...

Hmmm vampire, hope not! We saved once with Nero, a bat from our swimming pool. You can read about that in our 'Nero's Garden' quilt post. Nero was very interested about it, but didn't harm it. It's quite nice at night, silent and easy to concentrate for sewing or computer matters.
x Teje

Beth said...

That would have been quite a post if it did change into one!

Amira Ameruddin said...

oh my... that's creepy having a bat in the room at 2am.. hehe.. I am so jealous of your knitting.. I just started to learn few months back. But never got to it again..huhu.. Have fun crafting this week! Thanks for stopping by my littlemushroomcap!

LynCC said...

LOL You crack me up, waiting for the bat to change. . . ;D Our daughter had a bat in her dorm room last school year. Apparently it was a huge hit with the guys.

Kelly said...

Have a happy three days sewing and the Bat visit would have freaked me out ;-)

randi--i have to say said...

Haha! Only a serious blogger would think to get a picture of the bat!

I like your pile of crochet. Very pretty!