Monday, November 12, 2012

slow going progress

Thanksgiving is next week. My Handmade Promenade deadline is next week. How did that happen? How did it come up so quick. Oi!

Between the sale I had last week and not staying as busy as I should have been. Well...I'm not as far along as I'd like to be. For the most part I got all my sale orders out the door save for one. It's complete, but it's also a care package as well. I didn't see the point in sending my friend several packages when I could send her just one complete package.

a bear hat for Chicago Bears fans...see what I did there
And now I set a goal to sell 25 bear hats by Sunday evening. Just for fun. No real reason. I just want to sell that many bear hats. I only have one order so far, but the rest can come flooding in at any time and then I'll be working on my HP deadline and bear hat orders. I'm a crazy crocheting machine, I am. I think I just like to stay busy and well I'm thinking about quitting my job and just running issa.ino:handmade full time.

I think the sewing portion of my HP goal should go fast. I've got most everything cut, just need to do the sewing part, greeting cards are also easy to throw together.. It's all the crocheting I'm doing that takes up a lot of time. And I have added a new item to my list (a bunny hat, but just for the kids). Here's the progress on my list so far:
  • short cowls: 1.5
  • fingerless gloves: 3
  • dinosaur beanies: adult - 0, child - 0, newborn - 0
  • bear beanies: adult - 2, child - 2, newborn - 4
  • bunny beanies: newborn - 0
  • small zipper wallets: 0
  • hair bow headbands: 0
  • bow ties: child - 0
  • holiday greeting cards: 0
  • miscellaneous greeting cards: 0
  • valentine cards for IGB: 0 (I really don't need to working on these until after I finish HP items)
A lot of big fat goose eggs in that list and then add all the bear hats that I expect to sell this week. I feel like a glutton for punishment right now. But oh well, it makes me happy to be crafting. I just need to get rid of the distractions of my computer, my phone, books and the tv. I might have to go hang out at the library or something to get some work done. Anywho, the tutorial I promised probably won't go live at least until after I get the HP items out the door. Wish me luck that I get it all done. I've got a little over a week to finish it all.


Marit said...

Good luck on your sales/crafting! Wouldn't crafting for a living be awesome...

Taryn said...

The bear hat is too cute! Good luck on your goals!

Nat at Made in Home said...

The bear hat is beautiful!