Monday, November 5, 2012

success - a handful

Yay! My 3 day sale was successful. I didn't sell a whole lot, but I made enough that I am able to pick up some supplies for my Handmade Promenade items and for Indie Gift Box as well. I have a few more items I'll need to order and I think I'll be good to go. I might need to order some more business cards as well. I can't believe I've gone through so many.

I was also able to get a few items made this weekend. Not a lot, but enough to say I was productive. I got distracted by YouTube at one point on Saturday and probably sat for about two hours watching video after video. But, I'm almost ready to mark fingerless gloves off my to do list. *does yarn dance*

I work two half days this week so I expect to get A LOT done. Crocheting in front of the tv and assembly line on the card making. I just need to sketch out my ideas to make the cards go faster. I have a couple of ideas already. Since they'll be Valentine cards there will be a lot of hearts.

I also need to come up with an idea for a small bit of swag for opening day. I was thinking about making a little fabric drawstring bag and filling it with I don't know. The last swag bag I got had a piece of fabric covering a lollipop with a business tag attached. I like that idea too. It'd probably be the quickest and easiest idea. I guess we'll see. I've still got a couple of weeks. Any ideas you all have would be appreciated.

Alright, it's time for me to get back to work. Hopefully I'll be able to share some pictures of some of my progress. The sun goes down earlier now, so it'll be all about finding good light.

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