Wednesday, September 4, 2013

full of good intentions

I keep meaning to blog, but I haven't really been working on anything crafty other than crocheting up a bunch of bear hats to send out to Wholly Craft out in Columbus, OH. I need to work on some dinosaur hats too.

My campaign has less than two weeks to go before it ends. I've had several people who will be donating fabric as well. I think I'll have enough to make about 10 - 12 quilts to start off. I plan to use part of the proceeds of all the hats and things I sell this  holiday to buy more fabric. I'd like to use all the proceeds, but I've got to pay some of these bills too. Why can't crafting be my job?

Do you remember my Pay It Forward post from about a year ago? Well guess what, I've finally started working on those items. I have less than a month left to get my items made and sent out. Talk about procrastinating. Yep, that's me. There's just something about waiting until the last minute. Funny thing is, in school I used to get my work done early. I don't understand why that didn't transfer over. Maybe it's because I'm getting older?

Weeding out my craft supplies and other stuff is going slow, but I am making progress. It doesn't help that my dad keeps sending me stuff from Germany that isn't mine. I've now got a whole box of random stuffed animals that he sent me. No idea where they came from or who they belong to, to the donation box they go.

Hopefully next week I'll have a proper post for y'alls. Maybe?

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